In the beginning....

Written and researched by David Bohl

On the last Saturday of September in 1907 a raw, but keen group of schoolteachers stepped onto the field at Lower Park, Birkenhead in their distinctive black and lime green hooped shirts. It was probably the first representative game for the founder members of what was to become Sefton Rugby Union Football Club.

(Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury Saturday 28th September 1907)

The real Rugby Union season opens this afternoon and there are two fixtures that should be of interest to followers of the game. Birkenhead Park will be at home to the Liverpool Old Boys, and as the latter turned out last Saturday at Lancaster they should be in capital form to meet their old opponents at Birkenhead. Liverpool take the field at home, and their visitors will be the Waterloo XV, who last season sprung a surprise upon the titular club, and were among the limited few to record a victory at the expense of Liverpool. However on that occasion county calls weakened the Aigburth side. To-day’s contest is sure to be respective of good sport, and it is hoped that the public will give their support to the game.

At Lower Park, Birkenhead; 3 30.
Park: Back,
C.H.Stewart; Three-Quarters, C.Jones, A.M.Legge, W.R.Gibbings, and G.H.Raschen; Halves, H.O.Pain and T.F.Dod; Forwards, G.Jones, F.H.Kendall, H.D.Ryalls, R.P.Ziegler, G.Urmson, P.W.Griffiths, and F.M.M’Crindell.
Back, H.W.Mitchell; Three-Quarters, J.Wood, J.W.A.Taylor(capt.), H.Tolson, and F.J.Applebee; Halves, J.P.Scott and E.E.Bond; Forwards, J.Fairley, J.W.Hetherington, J.D.Johnstone, R.W.Jones, R.T.Robinson, W.A.Stewart, W.Thomas, and A.L.Walker.

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