The Aliens - surely it is time a more appropriate name was found for this club - put up a good fight with fourteen men at Heaton Moor, in a match in which W.B.Croxford played at stand-off half-back, and scored his side’s only try. As a member of the Lancashire County Committee, and also of the Selection Committee and the Schools’ Sub-Committee Mr.Croxford has done valuable service for the football of the county in the last twelve months of reconstruction. At a time when a keen organiser was needed to revive the game in Liverpool, Mr. Croxford worked with tremendous ernestness and the fact that Merseyside Rugger revived so splendidly is due in a large measure to his untiring efforts. One thought his playing days were over, but, having done everything that was possible for one man to do as an organiser and in the committee-room, he apparently needed an outlet for still more energy. Mr.Croxford and Mr. Edgar Craig, of Broughton Park, have made a great effort to do for Lancashire what Mr. R.F.Oakes bas done for Yorkshire.

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