Sefton Sprint Champion Joins Liverpool City

Gordon Curran

Written and researched by David Bohl, with the kind help of  Joan and Gemma Curran, and the British Newspaper Archive

Born in 1934 in Liverpool, Gordon Curran  was a six foot Lancashire sprint champion and played for Sefton from 1948 until the early 1950's.
His wife Joan gave us great insight into the state the ground was in after the Royal Artillery left, and how Gordon happened to join us.

"After the war the MOD removed the guns and the site was empty except for the gun emplacements and four pill boxes on the banks. Squatters had moved into the pavilion. Later the concrete emplacements were blown up and the ground was officially handed back to the club. Gordon joined the remaining members of the club clearing away the concrete debris from the site (he thinks he was about 14 then) and after they had finished for the day, he would join the club members throwing a ball around. That was the start of his interest in playing rugby. At about 15 years old he started playing for the team with his father’s permission, on the understanding that he left immediately after the match and did not go into the club bar! "

He was given a trial with Liverpool City Rugby League and grasped his opportunity in the professional code with both hands.
His career was interupted by a call up to do National Service in the RAF but continued playing and eventually joined Swinton.

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