SEFTON R.F.C. DANCES in the 1930's

Written and researched by David Bohl

There was a huge interest in social activities after Sefton aquired and opened their new ground in West Derby in 1929.
A Golden Era in the 1930's supported by often 5 teams of players included Carnivals, Gymkhana's, 7-A-Side Rugby Tournaments, Dog Trials, Bike Trials and Baseball.

The most popular Sefton R.F.C. Ball at the Rialto in Toxteth was sometimes held three times a year, here are some of the newspaper adverts found in the British Newspaper Archive.


[Liverpool Echo 12th July 1930]
[Liverpool Echo 19th Feb 1936]
Liverpool Echo 10th Oct 1936]
Liverpool Echo 3rd Mar 1937]
Liverpool Echo 5th Mar 1937]
Liverpool Echo 20th Oct 1937]
Liverpool Echo 8th Dec 1937]
Liverpool Echo 12th Oct 1938]
Liverpool Echo 14th Oct 1938]
Liverpool Echo 9th Dec 1939]
Liverpool Echo 1st  Feb 1939]



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