A Ground Fund.

Eight players reported fit in 1919, and a fresh start was made. The old name no longer seemed suitable, and the present name — Sefton — was adopted. First team results have not been very thrilling, there having been a sad lack of weight and height, but there are now signs that these defects will shortly be remedied, and with a playing membership of about 120, and a general level of ability through the five teams which the club now puts regularly in the field, the outlook is bright. N. W. Hutchings, the captain of the side, has been missing most of the season for business reasons, and his absence has been badly felt. Of the present side, Arrowsmith, in the centre, and Sorenson forward, are the most promising. Foggo, the stand-off half, is a splendid kick with very good hands, who only needs resolution to make him a very fine player.

The club is in a sound financial position, and with the knowledge that the need for a permanent ground is the greatest of the present handicaps, a start has been made with a ground fund, to which, thanks to the energies of the treasurer, Mr. J. Milbourn, and the president, Mr W. J. Smith, the old Bristol and Gloucestershire forward, substantial contributions have already been made. A club dance held at the Embassy Rooms on Tuesday last, at which over 300 members and friends were present, should result in a further addition to the fund.

Old players of the club still take a very active part in club legislation. R. A. O’Donnell, the Lancashire forward, is very keenly interested in the St. Edward’s Club; F. P. Arthur, a founder and secretary of Hoylake, still plays, and F.Outhwaite, who was reserve for the Lancashire scrum in 1921, was chosen for the Western Province SA. trials last year, but stood down to give younger men a chance. With an enthusiastic body of young players, and the steadying influence of an imposing group of vice-presidents, not the least honoured of whom is Mr. R.K. Mackenzie, the founder of the Watsonians, there are signs of an advance in the near future.

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