The Gallant Schoolteachers from the locality of Merseyside
who lost their lives in the Great War
the Schoolteachers from other regions who served in The King's Liverpool Regiment

Written and researched by David Bohl, with the kind help NUT Records, The CWGC, British Newspaper Archive, The Great War Forum  and documents supplied by WW1 historians worldwide.

The records herewith are deemed "best guess" and should not be necessarily treated as fact.

Played for The Aliens RFC 
Served in King's Liverpool Regiment
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Liverpool Teachers and Military Service

Since Alderman Alsop announced to the Education Committee that upwards of 120 local teachers had joined H.M. Forces, this list has been supplemented by fresh enlistments. Some teachers have taken commissioned rank, and many are non-commissioned officers. Compared with other local education authorities, Liverpool teachers have done very well, and it is a pleasure to acknowledge the encouragement given by the City Council to the municipal service in respect of enlistment. Teachers above the military age have, however, been disappointed of the promise held out by circular 872 of the Board of Education. This circular asked for further enlistments for active service and for civilian instructors of drill and physical exercises, a position which teachers are well qualified to fill.
Correspondence with the Board, however, showed that the War Office were not as eager to obtain these instructors as the circular seemed to imply, and we believe many applicants have not succeeded in obtaining such posts, while many others have found the conditions of service different from what they were led to expect by the circular.
    A further circular now explains that these instructors are only required in towns where a local battalion is being raised or at large camps, and it is natural to suppose that even where these conditions obtain fully enlisted teachers are largely called upon to become instructors. This is probably the reason why for Liverpool no civilian instructors have been appointed. We believe that half-a-dozen or so are about to be accepted for service in Blackpool.
    The shortage of teachers in Liverpool schools consequent upon enlistments have made heavy demands upon those who remain. The number of “supply” teachers is never very large, and even if we add those who come into service on 1st December the deficiency is not made up. Head teachers find themselves tied to a class, class teachers find their classes enlarged, lady teachers find that they are put into boys’ departments. Much of this disarrangement was inevitable, and the burden of it is no doubt being cheerfully borne. None the less, it is incumbent upon the local education authority to make provision to cover the shortage as far as possible for the sake of the children.
    It is far too early to consider the effects of the war on education. That will have a detrimental effect is undoubted, but that the effect shall be as little felt as possible will be the aim of the whole educational service. One effect, however, is already apparent. We have taken an appreciable step nearer to the time when primary schools will be staffed almost entirely by women. There is little doubt that some of the 5,000 teachers who have enlisted will not again enter the schools. There will be casualties among them, and some have taken commissions in the Army. As is well known, the Board of Education was, before war broke out, faced with a deplorable shortage of teachers of both sexes, but particularly of men. The position is now still more serious, and all the administrative skill of the board and authorities will be required to remedy the situation. As Mr Goldstone observes in this month’s educational supplement of the “Times,” “The remedy is obvious, but will be expensive. That the cost must be faced is a national duty as insistent as securing a just and permanent settlement of the present war.”
    Councillor F. T. Richardson is to be congratulated on the choice of the first resolution submitted by him to the City Council. From his experience on the Education committee he evidently felt that there was some doubt as to the interpretation that officials of the Corporation might place on the resolution which promised the continuation of full salary to officials who had joined his Majesty’s forces, and who had gained promotion since entering the King’s service. Sir Charles Petries’s full and ready acceptance of the reading which will ensure that the man promoted for meritorious service shall receive the financial gain which accompanies this, and that it shall not be commandeered for the relief of the rates, is, we feel sure, in complete accord with public feeling in the city. It must have been with particular pleasure that Sir Charles was able to show that not only had Liverpool led the way in this matter, but that there had never been any intention of the Finance Committee to act otherwise than wholeheartedly. There are still subsidiary decisions affecting small sections of the officials to be made, but after the Council meeting we feel sure some just and liberal spirit will prevail.
(Liverpool Courier 5th Dec 1914)
Casualty Name Rank, Service No. and Regiment  School


Cecil Adler BEVERLEY Cpl #337395 RAMC (Aliens Link) Higher Elementary School


(Ranks of Jones and Concannon have been transposed in error, also the J.H initials incorrect)
CSM #17800 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

St Edwards School Memorial

St Clare's RC Church

Catholic Institute School

Liverpool Pals Memorial
St Annes RCS, Rock Ferry
William Henry JONES
(b. 1890 Liverpool, mother Eliz.)

Pte #266131 South Lancs Regt Rock Ferry CS

Pte #16665 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

University of Chester

Harrowby Footballer Killed
St Lawrence RCS

Pte #3512 The King's (Liverpool Scottish Regt)

Thomas McNaught by Linda Trim
Rock Ferry CS
Herbert PALMER
(b. 1893 Carnforth, son of  Emily Palmer, West Bromwich)
Rifleman #242869 The King's (Liverpool Regt) Higher Elementary School
Cyprian Thomas PEARSON

2/Lt Royal Field Artillery Woodchurch Road CS
Richard Harold SKINNER
Pte #25530 The King's (Liverpool Regt)
Silver War Badge
(Death not as a result of military service)

University of Chester

Liverpool Pals Memorial
Brassey St CS


John Coates BELL
Pte #6062 The King's (Liverpool Regt) St Mary's Ch.S

Gunner #777023 Royal Field Artillery Christ's Ch.S
Arthur Ingman ROWLAND
Gunner #79971 Royal Garrison Artillery Hawthorn Road CS


George Ewart BEVAN
Cpl #33174 The King's (Liverpool Regt) Holy Trinity Ch.S

[Photo - The Flint Memorial]
Flintshire Memorial (George Beavan)

Flintshire Memorial (George Bevan)

Buckley Memorial

Liverpool Pals Memorial(awaiting)
Frederick BISHOP (MC)
Capt Cheshire Regt College S.


Arthur Edwin CANNELL Pte #355515 The King's (Liverpool Scottish Regt) St Mary's Ch.S

[Facebook - Ramsey Town Commissioners]
Alfred Peter CHANDLER

Pte #44175 Worcester Regt

History of Wallasey
Riverside CS
Cpl #3221 The King's (Liverpool Scottish Regt) Poulton CS

Frederick Augustine DUNN

Rifleman #6018 Leinster Regt Sommerville CS
John William HARDING

Pte #3292 The King's (Liverpool Scottish Regt) St Mary's Day Schools, Liscard
William George MORRIS

Pte #3651 The King's (Liverpool Scottish Regt) Wesleyan S
Frank Woodley ROWE
Pte #W/638 Cheshire Regt Manor Road CS
Philip Stanley WILSON
2/Lt Royal Welsh Fusiliers Somerville CS


John Henry FOULKES

Pioneer #165731 Royal Engineers

Cheshire Roll of Honour
Evelyn St CS
Maurice John GLOVER

Warrant Schoolmaster RN, died on HMS Glatton Parochial S
Asst Administrator Queen Mary's Army Auxilliary Corps

St Barnabas CE School
Evelyn St CS

[Photo - St Barnabas CE School]

George Arthur WHITFIELD

[Photo - University of Chester]
Lance Cpl #17133 Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regt

University of Chester
Arpley St U.S



Pte #3376 The King's (Liverpool Regt) Warrington Rd CS


Frederick Vose HEATON

Pte #38163 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

Liverpool Pals Memorial
St Thomas' Ch.S
John Bamforth JONES Lance Cpl #18117 Royal Warwickshire Regt
(POW status not confirmed)

Upholland War Memorial
St Catherine's Ch.S
William Edward McGRATH
Cpl #4927 Royal Fusiliers St William's RCS


Percy John AUGER

Pte #357694 The King's (Liverpool Regt) Holt Sec.S

Gunner #92457 Tank Corps Park Hill CS
Eric Trezise Baker

2/Lt Royal Flying Corps  
Frederick BOTTOMLEY 2/Lt Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Died when HMT Transylvania torpedoed
St Alphonsus Back Gt RCS
Harold Launcelot BRETLAND
Pte #46633 The King's (Liverpool Regt) (Aliens Link) Anfield Road CS

George Percy Stephenson BROWN

Pte #49445 The King's (Liverpool Regt) (Aliens Link) Westminster Road CS
John Stanley CARR
Lt Loyal North Lancashire Regt Gwladys St CS

Alfred Joseph CORNISH

Cpl #21469 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

Chester College

St Anne's Church Stanley

Liverpool Pals Memorial

Birchfield Road CS
Sydney Howard CUNNINGHAM

Cpl #2908 The Northumbrian Army Cycle Corps

Bede College, Durham
51 Kelso Rd, Fairfield
P.DAVIES (Not found, best fit next row) Lieutenant Birchfield Road CS
Lindsay Ramsay DAVIES 2/Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt) Worksop College
William DUFFY
Pte #48851 The King's (Liverpool Regt) Our Lady RCS, Eldon St
J.EDWARDS (Not found yet)
Possibilties from 1911 Census:-
Joseph Edwards b. 1891 St Helens. Schoolteacher in Wigan.
James Edwards b. 1890 Norwich, Norfolk. Schoolteacher in Northwich, Cheshire
Pte Staffordshire (regt or region ?) Hey Green Road CS
James Herbert HAGUE
Lt Loyal Manchester Regt Birchfield Road CS

Albert Ernest HICKLING Lance Cpl #36654 The King's (Liverpool Regt) (Aliens Link)

Corbie Memorial

Liverpool Pals Memorial
St Lawrence N.S, Kirkdale
George Willacy ISAAC

CSM #339009 Royal Army Medical Corps (Aliens Link) Mersey St RCS
Cecil Charles Humphreys LEWIN (MC)
Capt. Somerset Light Infantry, W/O2 King's Liverpool Regt. #21416 Queens Road CS

George Joseph LIGHT

2/Lt Royal Garrison Artillery Our Lady Immaculate RCS
James Keggan MADDRELL

Lt Machine Gun Corps Sec. School Bootle

(A nose dive from 500' whilst on artillery patrol
nr. Haute-Avesnes)
Lt Royal Air Force, 2/Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt) Loraine St CS, Everton

Cpl #16332 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

Liverpool Pals Memorial
Boaler St CS
Andrew Brown TICKLE
Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt) St Margaret's HGS


2/Lt Royal Warwickshire Regt, Pte #1776 Royal Army Medical Corps (Aliens Link) The Morrison CS
Fred Hector WEDLAKE

Rifleman #1753 The King's (Liverpool Regt) St Margaret's N.S, Anfield
James Herbert WEIGHTS

2/Lt Tank Corps (Aliens Link) 54 Coltart Rd
Eric Thomas WHITTLE

2/Lt Manchester Regt Birchfield Road CS

Cpl #113554 Royal Engineers St Francis Xavier's S
James Griffith WILLIAMS

Lt Royal Welsh Fusiliers (Aliens Link) Normal College, Bangor
John Lloyd WILLIAMS Rifleman #2841 The King's (Liverpool Regt) Seaman's Orphanage


Herbert TAYLOR
2/Lt Lancashire Fusiliers United Charity S


William FOWLES
Bombadier #76627 Royal Garrison Artillery Balfour Road Higher Std CS

Sjt #15793 Cheshire Regt Parish Ch. S
Herbert Abram YEARSLEY

2/Lt Royal Engineers 18 Leinster Gardens


John Scriven HANSFORD

Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt) Merrywood Sec.S


Lance Cpl #51744 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

Brunel University London

Liverpool Pals Memorial
Red Lion St WS

Thomas Walker OPENSHAW
Lance Cpl #48941 The King's (Liverpool Regt) Abel St CS


Ronald Charles LOWE

[Photo - Brunel University]

Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt), #6860 Inns of Court Regt

Brunel University
Municipal Sec.S


2/Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt) Measham CS


Gilbert RIMMER

Rifleman #204233 The King's (Liverpool Regt) Norton Cannon NS



[Photo - Universities at  War]

Pte #57779 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

Universities at War

Durham Record Office

Liverpool Pals Memorial
New Penshaw CS
Thomas Bowerbank PYBURN

Pte #57824 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

North East Memorials

Liverpool Pals Memorial
Lyon's CS



[Photo - Gloucester University]
2/Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt)

University of Gloucester
Selby St West CS


Joseph DINES
2/Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt) Highlands St CS

[Image - Liverpool 1892-1986 by Brian Pead]



Pte #7939 Lancashire Hussars Yeomanry, Lance Cpl #49532 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

Liverpool Pals Memorial
St Chad's R.C.S
James Louis RILEY
b. 1894 Prestwich James Lewis Riley
London Gazette/MIC index James Lewis Riley
Probate James Louis Riley 1919
2/Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt) St Chad's R.C.S

Pte #12661 The King's (Liverpool Regt) St Wilfred's ChS

Nelson and Colne


Pte #27452 The King's (Liverpool Regt) West St CS


Frederick William LOVERIDGE

Lance Sjt #2408 The King's (Liverpool Regt)

St Helens Roll of Honour
Holy Trinity N.S


George BARGH

2/Lt The King's (Liverpool Regt) Hawes CS

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