Merseyside Heavy Anti-Aircraft Sites in WW2
Written and researched by David Bohl, with the kind help of local historians

Mersey Gunsite "I" H1 Formby
Mersey Gunsite "C" H2 Fort Crosby
Mersey Gunsite "M" H3 Seaforth
Mersey Gunsite "A" H4 Litherland
Mersey Gunsite "B" H5 Walton Hall Park
Mersey Gunsite "C" Lower Breck Park
Mersey Gunsite "D" Fiveways
Mersey Gunsite "E" H6 Tramway Rd
Mersey Gunsite "F" H7 Deysbrook
Mersey Gunsite "N" H8 Kirkby
Mersey Gunsite "D" H9 Childwall
Mersey Gunsite "NN" H10 Rainford
Mersey Gunsite "L" H11 Speke
Mersey Gunsite "FF" H12 Prescot
Mersey Gunsite "O" H13 Hale Bank
Mersey Gunsite "PP" H14 Yew Tree Farm
Mersey Gunsite "P" H15 Ditton
Mersey Gunsite "U" H16 Overton
Mersey Gunsite "Q" H17 Barrows Green
Mersey Gunsite "T" H18 Sutton
Mersey Gunsite "S" H19 Red Brow
Mersey Gunsite "R" H20 Moore
Mersey Gunsite "YY" H21 Puddington
Hawarden Gunsite "VC" H22
Hawarden Gunsite "VA" H23
Mersey Gunsite "WW" H24 Whitby
Mersey Gunsite "LL" H25 Upton Heath
Mersey Gunsite "W" H26 Ince
Mersey Gunsite "V" H27 Alvanley
Mersey Gunsite "GG H28 Thurstaston
Mersey Gunsite "G" H29 Hoylake
Mersey Gunsite "Z" H30 Leasowe
Mersey Gunsite "J" H31 Bidston
Mersey Gunsite "H" H32 Oxton
Mersey Gunsite "Y" H34 Storeton
Mersey Gunsite "XX H35 Raby
Mersey Gunsite "G" H36 New Ferry/Shore Fields
Mersey Gunsite "X" H37 Eastham
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See Aerial Photo of an existing HAA Site from Google Earth  Sutton

Sutton Weaver’s Ancient Monument Station 18

[Mr Peter Gilhooley, who was on leave from his anti aircraft gun unit in Scotland recalled the events of that night, "I had come home on leave on the 11th March and on the night of the 12th which was a very clear night I had stayed up top during the raid to watch it being used to this kind of thing, I noticed that the guns had started to stop firing and this meant a night fighter was approaching, I was looking up Oxford Street and saw the aircraft firing at each other circling the town towards Ditton, the starboard engine was blazing and I could see swastika markings on the aircraft, the aircraft stuck a barrage balloon cable next  to the offices of McKechnie Brothers Ltd on Ditton Road tearing part of the wing off and it then plunged down, cart wheeling across the field next to the ICI Recreation field with wreckage flying everywhere and nearly hitting the houses at the bottom of Green Lane, during this time I had jumped on a bicycle and road to the scene of the crash and was one of the first on the scene along with an Officer and three gunners from the heavy anti aircraft gun site at Heath Road who asked who I was, and as I was a fellow gunner on leave I was asked to help keep the crowds back as the ammunition was going off and flying in all directions, the following day I saw the crew being collected from Widnes Police station in a Army truck".
This unit was  “P” site[Ditton H15] No 334 Battery of No 107 HAA Regiment RA, who recorded in their war diary that an aeroplane had crashed in flames near their site. “Q site”[Barrows Green H17] No 334 Battery of No 107 HAA Regiment RA recorded in their war diary that an aeroplane crashed in flames at a distance of 3 miles bearing 240°. ]
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