SEFTON R.F.C. CARNIVAL 5th July 1930

Written and researched by David Bohl

[Liverpool Daily Post  7th July 1930]

[Liverpool Echo 7th July 1930]

The Sefton Rugby Football Club held a sports carnival at Leyfield Road, West Derby, on Saturday.

Sir J. Sandeman Allen, M.P., opened the ground.

Sir John Sandeman Allen (26 September 1865 – 3 June 1935) was a British Conservative Party politician.
He was a Member of Parliament for Liverpool West Derby from 1924 until he died in office in 1935.
[National Portrait Gallery]

Side shows of all kinds provided entertainment, while the mock Rugby match, ladies v. men (all men), was played under catch-as-you-can rules. Steer-street Boys gave a gymnastic display under Mr. F.G.Newson, and there were also motor-cycle grass track races.

[Jack Leslie on his Levis 1930 -]
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Solo Machines up to 350 (no spikes). 1. D.R.Carlton (Levis), South Manchester; 2. J.Twambley (Sunbeam), Widnes; 3. J.Banohan (B.S.A.), East Liverpool.

Solo Machines up to 350 (spiked tyres). 1. C.C.Dillon (Matchless). South Manchester; 2. Skid Plevin (A.J.S.), North Liverpool.

Solo Machines up to 500 (no spikes). 1. J.Twambley (Sunbeam), Widnes.

 Machines up to 500 (spiked tyres). 1. J.Fletcher (Sunbeam),  Manchester; 2. C.C.Dillon (Matchless), South Manchester.

Sidecars  up to 600 (no spikes). 1. W.Riley (596 Scott), East Liverpool; 2. H.Chipchase (490 Norton), East Liverpool.


Officials of the Carnival

Chairman MR. W. J. SMITH.

Hon. Treasurer MR. J. C. PARKINSON.

Hon. Secretary MR. S.G. CHRISTIAN.



Chief Stewards-Messrs. F. J. APPLEBEE and W.B. CROXFORD



Pay Gates and Tickets MESSRS. J. W. BARKER, J. S. BLAKESTON,


Car Park MR. F. L. PAISI,EY.

Pavilion MESSRS. D. R. LLOYD, R. A. LEES.

Programmes MR. A. FORREST.

Carnival Events (ring)- Messrs. R. L. KNIPE, H. MARSHALL.

Result Board-G.J. BULMER.

Treasurer's Stewards MESSRS. T. F. SCOTSON, J. E. BERNER.



Mock Rugby Match-Mr. F. L. PAISLEY.


Ankle Competition - Judges - MESSRS. A. G. CLARK, GEO. WHITEFIELD.

Steward. Mr A. FORREST.


Baby Show-Judges-Mrs. G. BUTE, S.R.N., R.S.I., Miss BARTLETT, S.R.N., R.S.I

Stewards Miss D. E. HUGHES, MRS. W B. CROXFORD.


Runners BOY SCOUTS, 244th COMPANY.



Time Table


2-30p.m. Band Performance commences.


2-45p.m. Official Opening Ceremony by



1 3-0 p.m. Gymnastic Display by the boys of Steers St. Cl.

School (Mr. F. G. NEWSON, I/C).

  1. Toddlers' Race
  2. (under 7). 50 yds. handicap, by size.
  3. V. C. Race
  4. (boy competing runs 30 yds., picks up partner chosen for him and returns to starting point).

4 Thread the Needle Race (Lady and Gentleman).

Lady runs 60 yds. with thread and needle to gentleman,

who threads needle and then runs back to starting point.

5 Skipping Rope Race (Girls). 60 yds., handicap by size.

6 Egg and Spoon Race (Boys and Girls). Open, scratch.

7 Three-Legged Race (boys)-Committee reserves the right to handicap if it seems desirable.

8 Chariot Race (teams of 6 boys).


3-30 p.m.-BABY SHOW (in marquee).

Class 1, under 12 months. 1st Prize, 10/-, 2nd 7/6.


Class 2, over 12 months and under 2 years. 1st Prize 10/-, 2nd 7/6.


Special Prize for Best Girl in either Class, Tuscan China Set,

presented by the Everton China Market.


9 4-0 p.m.-MOCK RUGBY MATCH, Ladies V. Mere Males. Teams-

The Ladies Miss Fortune, Miss Fitt, Miss Chance, Miss

X. Omer, Miss H. I. Flyer, Mrs. Middlemiss, Miss Happ.

Mere Males A. R. Abbit, S. P. Rinter, A. Sloper, T. Roddenon, A. S. Winger, A. P. Usher, M. A. Lingerer.

Referee Mr. Will Tootle (Warbler's Union).

Played under Catch-as-Catch Can Rules Biting Barred.


  1. 4-20
  2. p.m. Biscuit and Balloon Race (Lady and Gentleman) Over 16. Gentleman runs to Lady, who feeds him with biscuit, which must be eaten. Gentleman then inflates balloon, which lady ties and both return to starting point. Gentleman's hands are tied behind his back throughout.





11 .. .. Sack
Race (boys) under 14.

12 .. . .Three-legged Race (Girls) The Committee reserves
the right to handicap.
13 .. ..
Married Couples Race. Husband, with cigarette in
mouth and hands in trousers pockets, runs
50 yds. to wife, who lights the cigarette. Wife
links arm with husband, and the happy pair
make their best time back to starting point.
14 .. ..
Sack Race (boys between 14 and 40).
15 ..
..Three-Legged Race (Boy and Girl pairs) open handicap.
16 .. ..Sack
Race (boys over 40).


17 4-50 p.m. GYMNASTIC DISPLAY by Boys of Steers St. Cl. School.


5-0 p.m. 5-30 p.m. Tea Interval. Band.


5-30 p.m. 7-30 p.m. MOTOR CYCLE RACES.

Preceded at 5-20 p.m. by Grand Parade of Competitors, all riding two laps.

(Organised by the Liverpool Motor Club, under permit of the A.C.U. (Cheshire Centre).

All events (standing start) 4 laps, approximately 1 mile



1. Up to :350 c.c. No spikes in tyres.

2. Up to 350 c.c. Spiked tyres.
3 Up to 500 c.c. No Spikes in tyres.
4. Up to 500 c.c. Spiked tyres.
5. Up to 600 c.c. Sidecars. No spikes.

(For order of events, heats and riders, see enclosed special slip).


7-30 p.m.-BLINDFOLD DRIVING (Cars) (entry on ground). Driver, having been shown position of his car and of two canes representing entrance of his garage, is then blindfolded and required to get his car into the garage.

Musical Chairs-for Lady pillion Riders.


7-45 p.m. Ankle Competition. 1st Prize, pair Silk Stockings; 2nd Prize, Box of Chocolates.


7-45p. m.-Dancing on the Green.


10-0 p.m.-National Anthem. Carnival Closes.






Officials for Motor Cycle Races

Stewards: MR. G. A. JONES (A.C.U.)


MR. W. B. CROXFORD (President, Sefton Rugby Club)

MAJOR D. E. M. DOUGLAS-MORRIS (President, Liverpool Motor Club)


Judge .. MR. W. J. SMITH (Chairman, Sefton Rugby Club)


Starter .. MR. L. H. LUMBY.


Timekeeper-A.C.U. Official.


Chief Marshal. G.C.M. WOOD.


Marshals and Line Judges MR. PARRY and Members of N. Liverpool M.C.


Secretary of the Meeting and Clerk of the Courrse-MR. S. W. PHILLPOTT, F.I.M.T.





by Mr. J. H. BALMER, 93 Errol Street, St. Michael's.




at fixed charges or a la carte.






All Goods Guaranteed First Quality.



Aigburth Silver Prize Band

(Bandmaster MR. H. WEARING).


Afternoon Programme-2-30 5-30.


MARCH "Utopia" Clark
OVERTURE "Spirit of Youth" .. Greenwood
WALZ "Casino Tange"
SELECTION "The Desert Song" Romberg
PIECE "A Day with the Huntsmen" Rimmer
SELECTION "The Pirates of Penzance" Sullivan
WALTZ "The Blue Danube" Strauss
PIECE " In a Monastery Garden" Ketelby
SELECTION "Gems from the Operas" Rimmer
PIECE "Four Indian Love Lyrics " Woodfood Finden
"Bells of Ouseley" Ord Hume
"Deeds of Daring" Rimmer



Evening Programme-DANCE MUSIC


7-45 -10-0.


A selection of popular Waltzes and Fox Trots.




Side Shows

(Members and Friends in Charge).




Cocoanut Shies. J. B. Dodd.

Houp-La. W. Dane.

Marching Toff.-A. Spencer.

Knocking the Lady out of Bed.-H. Mooney

Bowling for a Pig. H. J. Thompson.

Deck Quoits.-T. C. Gosling.

Darts and Rings. G. E. Nelson.

Wheel of Fortune.-J. L. D. Lewis.

Treasure Hunt.-Miss E. Wilcox.

Competition Stall. Miss M. Carter.

Crazy Kitchen. S. Dudley Ward.

Goal Scoring.-H. F. Orford.

Through the Bars. D. Alexander.

Aunt Sally. L. Harrison.

Clay Pipes.-D. S. Leghorn.

Lucky Coin.-Miss H. Jonathan.

Balls and Buckets.-A. S. Roberts.

Name Cards.-J. Birchall.

Lucky Dips.-Miss D. Roberts.

Putting Green.-J. B. Herring.

Bursting the Balloon.-P. E. Cryan.

Fortune Teller.-Mrs. Birchall.

Money for Nothing.-Mrs. Croxford.

Nigger's Head.-E. G. McLean.

On the Clothes Line.-W. H. N. Blake.

Cocoanut Stall (Sales) -Miss Comrie.

Sweet Stall.-Miss Parkinson.


Membership and Inquiries.-Mr. H. F. P. Bayliss








Sefton R.U.F.C.



Terms of Membership-

Playing Members (senior) £1 1s. 0d. per annum.

(junior) 10/6 per annum.

Honorary Members, 5/- per annum.

A small covered Stand will be erected for the opening of the

1930-31 season, for which the following annual charges, to

include honorary membership, will be made.

Gentlemen 10/6. Ladies 5/-.




During the season, 1929-30, five teams were regularly run, with the following results.


P. W. L. D. Pts. For Pts. Agst.
1st .. .. 32 22 7 3 336 131
2nd . .. 29 20 9 0 328 166
3rd .. .. 29 19 10 0 307 192
4th .. .. 22 19 3 0 347 112
5th .. .. 19 7 11 1 141 232




Aeknowledgement.-The Sefton R.F.C. desires to acknowledge, with thanks, assistance and/or gifts received from


The Liverpool Motor Club and its Officials.

Mr. Ossie Wade and the Stanley Speedway Ltd.

Messrs. Cadbury Bros.

The Imperial Tobacco Co.

Everton China Market (Mr. G. T. James).

Jack Sharp.

Messrs. Aird & Anderson.

The Service Guild and their Advertisers in this Programme.




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