Robert Glyn Griffith

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Written and researched by David Bohl, with the kind help and documents supplied by historians worldwide.

Born 1890 in Liverpool, he became an Elementary School Teacher and lived at 65 Rockfield Rd



Sergeant Griffith who for eight years was assistant master at St Anne's School Stanley, has been killed in action. He was well known as a member of the Aliens Rugby Football Club, and had obtained much repute as an artiste: he was a pupil of the Liverpool School of Art. A comrade describes his death as follows :- Some of the platoon had been mown down by a German machine gun which was enfilading from the right flank. Sergeant Griffith mustered a few men, who, at his shout of "Come on, boys," dashed at the enemy and wiped the squad out, not without, however, the loss of the sergeant, who fell morta1ly wounded. He was noticed to be lying alongside a German officer. Brave little Bob Griffith! I take my cap off to his memory.

The 19th Battalion King's Regiment was formed by Lord Derby in his Prescot Watch Factory and it joined 89th Brigade, 30th Division that landed at Boulogne in November 1915.
The operation known as the 3rd Phase of the Somme started in July 1916 and in this operation sadly Sergeant Griffith lost his life, most probably at High Wood

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