Liverpool Post, October 18th, 1962

From Birkenhead - to a new life (and new car) in Southern Rhodesia: Mr Robert Ayres.


Away from it all

Even if I didn't know that relations between this country and Southern Rhodesia were somewhat strained, I would not need a crystal ball to detect a certain malaise from the fact that their ministry of Home Affairs have taken the trouble to tell me how a twenty-five year old Birkenhead man fed up with Britain has apparently found his Utopia in the Federation.

His name is Robert Ayres - says a Southern Rhodesian Government spokesman - "he could not stand the British Artisan's lack of enthusiasm for work, so he now lives and works in Que Que, Southern Rhodesia." He went there in June, they say, "to join his fiancée and get away from the Welfare State. He has found that here one's initiative and will to work are appreciated and rewarded. He has no desire to return to Britain except to see his parents."

But Mr Ayres has one regret about leaving Britain, the Southern Rhodesian Government official graciously admits: he had to resign from Sefton Rugby Union Club.

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