Seftimes Centennial

 Australia 17 England 20 - Sefton Welshies send their heartiest congratulations

 "We got him" - Martians arrest Peter Merriman as he lands Beagle 2

 Christmas turkey plucked - Sugar 'Oaf Rio Ferdinand gets an eight month ban

Special 100th Edition

 Lord of the Rings - Rick the Barman after an extra portion of sprouts

 Terrorist Alert - is the Pop Idol winner a Marxist Gorilla ?

 Choc-Box Representative Frankie Christian renames his van 'Sweet Chariot'

The Surftimes

Campese meets Saddam on Oxford Street

True to his word, perennial Pom Basher admits England deserved their World Cup victory


Sefton 25 Congleton 3

Sefton put four tries over the visitors through Peter McBride, Dave Edwards and Phil Osborne(2) in this Cheshire/ South Lancashire Division Three fixture. Phil Evans kicked a penalty and a conversion.


Marple 5 Sefton 12

Brothers Wayne and Phil Osborne crossed for Sefton in the Cheshire/ South Lancashire Division Three away game in Manchester. Kicker Phil Evans tacked on a conversion.


Sefton 16 Prenton 8

Sefton made the most of the cold and wet conditions to win this Cheshire/ South Lancashire Division Three fixture. Tries by back row Dave Neary and winger Phil Osborne were added to by Phil Evans who kicked two penalties.


Prenton 3 Sefton 12

Cheshire/ South Lancashire Division Three Sefton beat Prenton for the second time in a week, Mark Tyms and Brian Ogwell scoring the tries with Wayne Osborne adding a conversion.



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