Chip gets call up for Cyprus

Chip disappointed it was for rugby and not fighting Turks

1st Team unveil new star, who is ‘Iron Pyrites’ Bollocks ?



Scrummage machine damaged by ‘Save the Worm’ group

Sale blunder ! New Collegiate pitch affected by high tide

Beefy found in Lamb ! Botham caught with cricket star

The Seftimes

EL Childsey ! The Porkador returns

Basher fights rearguard action to hold on to Plummers Crown



Sefton 0 Bleep Test 10

In a pre-season friendly on Tuesday Night a one man Japanese Team representing Sony totally outplayed the Sefton squad. Hardly breaking sweat and barking out sharp commands every few seconds, the home team soon capitulated to his relentless pressure.

Ace pack men Andy Shehan, Lou McGowan and Tommy Kinloch led the Sefton charge.

The game was soured by the news of Roger Cully passing a dope test.

Traces of blood were found in his alcohol stream.


Holyhead Tour - 31st Aug

4th Team require vagrants to play against the Air Commodore.

Anybody with previous skills in the maintenance of the ME 109 and the Fokke Wolfe should contact Brian Eden or Roy Gladden.



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