Peter Merriman makes successful link with Mars probe

Ouch ! Bob sent-off for not letting go of the ball

Barry's best side-step - The Rotary Club collection box !



Jonesy thinks Paul McCartney is playing The Cabin Club

Sefton fourth team extend their unbeaten run

Posh Spice still fatter than Tealy - Eat more Sugar Puffs !

The Seftimes

Stripper-a-gram is part-time Scrum-Half !

Matty found soliciting at a meeting of The Bra Council




Old Bedians 8 Sefton 14

Peter McBride scored the all important try as Sefton came from behind to win Sunday's Lancashire Plate second round tie.

Dave Edwards kicked three penalties but Sefton's main stars were packmen Mark Tyms and Andy Sheehan who had storming games in both attack and defence.



Congleton 20 Sefton 0

Echo columnist Keith Charlton expresses his sincere apologies for not covering this match.



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