Sefton book Church Memorial for Waterloo relegation

 Douglas IOM league game - Bob gets the 19th position

 England v Italy - Will Greenwood score another hat-trick?


 Impotent bit of news - Basher buys female orgasm gizmo

 A few weeks after being chucked Matty goes blind

 Pitch marker kills 2 worms whilst sending text message

The Surftimes

Firemen get a Laura laughs !

21st Birthday Girl not impressed by the size of their hoses


Eagle 5 Sefton 24

Sefton gave their Cheshire/South Lancashire Third Division promotion bid a boost.

Peter McBride, Phil Evans and Wayne Osborne scored tries and star man Evans completed a 14 points haul with three conversions and a penalty.

Garstang v Sefton

Sefton got the bye in this Lancashire Plate fixture as the home side forgot to organise a referee. Mark Tyms cashed in a years supply of brownie points with 'her indoors' after locking his keys in the boot of his car.


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