The following players have been selected to play for the "Old Vets" against the colts on Good Friday. Meet at the ground at 2.15pm. Please bring as much beer money as possible.


Full Back.

Kevin Langshaw.

Late South African Minor County cap.


Barry Mordike

Capped for Shropshire 1947.


William Jones

Capped in Wakefield and Parliament St.


Andrew Campbell Corlett.

Not capped, but Toupeed.


Geoff Frank Fallon.

Decapped, son of Grumpy Fallon.

Scrum Half.

Peter Roberts.

Sefton Sevens loosing finalists medal.

Fly Half.

Gareth Nicholls.

Now Gary after recent Welsh defeat.


Jeff Daley.

Capped for Huyton for safe handling.


Charles Lyons.

Not printable.


Tony Bonner.

Also capped in Wakefield, several times.

2nd Row.

Cyril Street.

Something big in Ladies Knickers.

2nd Row.

Titch Houghton.

Big Dick.

Wing Forward.

John Davies.

Short arm Johnny as he’s known locally.

No 8.

Victor McDonald.

Capitalist with piles.

Wing Forward.

John Snape.

Old Edwardian. Ted. 1956.


Jeff Carrol.

Does the head go to the top of the helmet.

Peter Merriman.

Watch the Eyes.

 No ale or sex after Wednesday please Gentlemen. Religious instruction and free advice will be given by Mr Langshaw prior to the Game. Mr Les (Gloom) Scott has promised to come out of retreat for a short while in the event of a Win.



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