"Rugby Union in Lancashire and Cheshire"


Edited by by W.B.Croxford 1949/50



Ground.: Thornhead Lane, Leyfield Road, West Derby, Liverpool, 12

Hon. Sec.: J. F. Moore, 5 Hilda Road, West Derby, Liverpool, 12.


Founded as the Aliens R.F.C. in 1907 by a number of school-masters, membership was for two years restricted to members of the teaching profession, and all matches were at first played on opponents’ grounds. Though the club has been an open one since 1909 it has always counted many teachers among its members.

Early homes were the Clubmoor Cricket ground and a larger one on the other side of Townsend Lane, and progress was so satisfactory that by 1913/14 there we first team fixtures with many senior clubs. War brought heavy casualties and only eight old players young and fit to resume returned. Recruiting was rapid, various grounds in the West Derby area were used and as the club was no longer alien in in character the present title was assumed in 1920.

In 1929, mainly through the efforts of the club's trustees, F. J. Applebee, W. B. Croxford, and H. A. Munro, the present ground was purchased with the help of advances from the R.U. Lancashire, and members. It provides three good pitches and before the war five teams were run. There the first district "sevens" were held, and the annual carnivals were more than local events.

The second war saw the ground one of the main A.A. defence camps and when the players came back to it it resembled a battlefield. Part of the ground has been made playable, but the main restoration job, too big for members to tackle, waits the settlement of claims.

F J. Applebee, one of the founders, was Hon. Secretary 1907 to 1926, Hon. Treasurer 1926 to 1934, and a committee member up to 1939.

(The present Hon. Secretary is apparently too modest to mention that but for his efforts the club must have been killed by the conditions which he faced on his return.-Ed.)

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