1948 Liverpool Trojans (many thanks to The Trojans for the photograph)

The ‘Old Man of Baseball’ Norm Wells recalls Sefton hosting American Baseball as early as 1947-48. A group of demobbed serviceman formed a baseball team in 1946 and started to meet in The Halton Castle in West Derby Village. The favourite ale at the time was Higson's Trojan Beer, the barmaid referring to them as ‘The Trojans’ in the back room, so they named themselves The ‘Halton Trojans’. The pub manager was elected as team manager and an American ex-Liverpool Giant professional player, Eddie O'Melia was asked to be player/coach.

The Trojans fielded two teams, the first team had their diamond at the top of the field, the second team playing on the now Melwood Training Ground of Liverpool FC. This was originally a farmer's field and was taken over as a sports ground in the 1920's by St Francis Xavier's College until it was bought by Liverpool Football Club in 1951.

Fixtures continued into the late fifties against teams such as Liverpool Robins, Bootle Athletic, BAT, The Nalgo Cubs, Stoneycroft, Liverpool Dockers and Caledonian who the great Dixie Dean played for.



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