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Alexander Williamson 

[Aliens 1XV - 1911-12]
Aliens v Oldham at Clubmoor
A.Williamson, J.Johnstone, AG.Ascroft, HN.Ellis, J.Brown, GPS.Brown, AW.Cocks,
S.J.Bishop, J.Fairley, WG.Flint, RW.Jones, E.Ringrose, RT.Robinson, D.Sloss, IR.Williams 
Liverpool Echo 24th February 1911

Born 1889 in Liverpool he became an Assistant Elementary Schoolteacher at Banks Road School, Garston and lived at 9 Norwich Rd, Wavertree.
In the academic year 1912-1913 he took 11 months leave of absence for a Physical Instruction Course in London,  then joined Berkhampsted Grammar School, Hertfordshire.

Berkhamsted School Mag - April 1914
Berkhamstedian - July 1914 (Swedish Drill Video 1914-18)
Alex inadvertently joins the "MCC Primary Club" (Berkhamstedian - Nov 1914)
Berkhamstedian - Mar 1915
[Above cuttings courtesy of the archives of Berkhamsted School]

The Liverpool Echo 10th May 1916 reports "A well-known figure in scholastic circles 2nd Lt Alexander Williamson attached to the 9th Battalion Suffolk Regiment has been killed in action in Flanders, holding the line around Ypres. The deceased officer who was commissioned on 24th Dec 1914, having undergone a course of training with the Officers' Training Corps, earned his colours at Liverpool University, and was a class master at Banks Road School, Garston. From there he was appointed training instructor in Swedish Drill in Marylebone, going from there to Berkhampsted Grammar School as master of physical instruction. He was only 27 years of age."

According to the regimental diary he was hit by an enemy shell.

See Suffolk Regement profile.

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In May 1916 a memorial was unveiled at Banks Road School, however the school was closed in 1999 and the whereabouts of the memorial is unknown.

[Liverpool Echo 10th May 1916]

Perhaps the memorial was on the wall at Banks Road School Assembly Hall photo 1999

[Liverpool Echo 9th July 1918]

His older brother Alfred Williamson was headmaster of the school from 1933-44

[Banks Road Old School - Photo Liverpool Record Office © 1999]



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